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Gail Dexter Lord, Co-President, Lord Cultural Resources

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MuseumNext is a global conference series on the future of museums. Since 2009 it has acted as a platform for showcasing best practice today to shine a light on the museum of tomorrow.

The conference, conceived at the start of the digital revolution has grown to include future thinking on leadership, audiences, collections, transformation, knowledge, participation, and more.

As one of the world’s leading museum conferences, MuseumNext is a hub for knowledge sharing and provides delegates the opportunity to network with international peers.

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The Importance of And

The following presentation was made by Elaine Heumann Gurian at the MuseumNext Melbourne conference at ACMI on 16 February 2017. Kia Ora. Let me begin by acknowledging the original inhabitants of this land. I have worked for 45 years in the museum profession, advocating for small and large changes that might facilitate broader inclusion for …

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Redefining The Role Of The Museums In A Time Of Urgent Need

Many of today’s most pressing issues are science-based—the environment, human health, climate change, energy, bioterrorism, and others. It is more urgent than ever that the public understands these issues and has a reliable source of information about them. The American Museum of Natural History is a case study of how an institution can extend its …

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An Invitation To Connect: Turning The Museum Inside Out

The High Museum’s 2005 expansion featured a public piazza intended to serve as the heart of its campus. However, the space initially felt austere. From installing sculpture to offering art-making activities, the Museum has creatively experimented with integrating the space into the visitor experience. In 2013, design curator Sarah Schleuning and education director Virginia Shearer …

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What to expect from MuseumNext Europe?

We have started to announce speakers for our major European conference on the future of museums, but what can those joining us from across Europe and further afield expect from MuseumNext? Three days of inspiration, innovation and collaboration MuseumNext Europe is a three day conference on the future of museums, packed with inspiring presentations, workshops that deep …

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MuseumNext Melbourne Social Events

In February 2017, MuseumNext will hold a one-off event in Melbourne which brings together an unmissable program with speakers from 14 countries talking about taking risks across all elements of museum practice. MuseumNext is known not only for the strength of the presentations, but also for the quality of the networking. Conversations that have taken place …

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The Museum Social Action Project at MuseumNext New York

MuseumNext is very much a collaboration which brings together museum professionals to share what they feel is important and exciting, that is true of the presentations and workshops which our community propose through our call for papers and through the other activities which form our conference fringe. Since 2009, we’ve had everything from brainstorming wild …

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