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5 ways to share what you hear at MuseumNext?

If you’re joining us in London for MuseumNext over the next few days, I want to encourage you to think about how you can share the ideas, knowledge and experience that you hear at the conference.

Generously sharing ideas lies at the centre of the MuseumNext community.

If everyone who is attending the conference shares the concepts they hear with just a few people, we could spark change in thousands of museums around the world.

Here are a few ways to share both the conference content, and the ideas it provokes over the next week :

1. Twitter
Twitter is the traditional MuseumNext conference backchannel where delegates share the wisdom of our speakers and their own thoughts on the hashtag #MuseumNext.

We know that many people follow this hashtag while the conference is taking place, so do join the conversation and share the best bits of MuseumNext with your followers (and connect with lots of new people).

2. Instagram
If you’re on Instagram you could share pictures of museum visits, workshops and the speakers slides. We’ve also produced these cards to help you to produce sketch notes.

Don’t forget that you can also use Instagram for video.

As with Twitter, share these on the hashtag #MuseumNext (and follow us @museumnextpics ).

3. Blog Post
If you’re taking notes at the conference (in your new MuseumNext notebook), we’d encourage you to turn these into a blog post that shares your favourite presentations and key takeaways from the conference.

You could post on your personal blog, museum blog, company blog or Medium. Let us know if you do this and we’ll share your blog post on our Twitter (51,000 followers) and Facebook (21,000 fans) accounts…

4. Film Quick Interviews around the Conference
Take out your smartphone and capture short video clips with interesting people at the conference. This could be asking a speaker who’s presentation you loved a quick question or might be capturing a point that someone has just made in conversation on camera.

Share these clips onto YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and consider adding them into a blog post. Here’s a great example of a simple film shot at our Barcelona conference:

5. Give a Brown Bag Seminar
Throw together a series of informal seminars over lunch breaks when you return to work, to share what you learned.

In the coming weeks we’ll share films of some of the presentations on Vimeo. You can use these films to show your colleagues your favourite presentations, but be sure to add your own spin on any particular topic and for discussion.

MuseumNext brings together a room full of smart people, but because of distance and cost many won’t get the chance to join us. Please help spark change in museums around the world by sharing the ideas that you hear with your colleagues and through your networks.

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