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At MuseumNext, we’re on an exciting journey to bring together the most inventive minds in museums across the world.

We’re more than just a community, we’re a bustling hub of dreamers and doers, eagerly gathering around a virtual campfire to trade ideas, spark inspiration, and share tales of experience through a diverse range of online events.

Our gatherings aren’t just your average webinars. They’re dynamic sessions that dive into everything from the health and wellbeing to the power of technology, all designed to broaden our understanding of what a museum can be.

And what binds us together? It’s our shared conviction that by pooling our insights and joining forces, we can change museums for the better.

Our museum conferences bring together the brightest minds in the museum world, sharing cutting-edge ideas and thought-provoking discussions.

Learn the techniques, strategies and platforms used successfully by colleagues working in museums around the globe.

The world’s leading museums trust MuseumNext events toprovide their staff with rewarding professional development opportunities. More than 20,000 people learned with us in 2023.

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