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ACMI set to open the World’s most digitally transformed museum

ACMI, Australia’s national museum of screen culture, has today unveiled details of its ambitious multiplatform museum model, delivering a digital experience that will transport visitors far beyond its location in Melbourne’s Fed Square, as part of its $40 million redevelopment.

Ahead of its highly anticipated 2021 reopening, the museum has outlined a multiplatform model powered by a new experience operating system (XOS). It will see physical and digital content connected in ways not yet seen in Australia – setting the museum apart and establishing ACMI as one of the most innovative and digitally transformed museums in the world.

Conceptualised by ACMI Director & CEO Katrina Sedgwick OAM in 2015, long before pandemic thinking changed the way we interact with museums, the new model is designed to offer visitors a highly accessible and more multi-faceted contemporary experience – an offer where digital technology is not simply used as a marketing tool but is an inherent component of the experience itself. By investing in curatorial and digital expertise in parallel, ACMI has reimagined what a museum experience can be.

“The new ACMI will offer an immensely rich experience that people can engage with in new ways: at home, on their devices and here at the museum itself,” Sedgwick explains. “We are launching a new brand identity and entirely new online presence, inviting people to visit our museum no matter where they are in the world. In the same way we curate and design exhibitions and programs for the physical museum, we have been developing them specifically for online across the breadth of screen culture – film, TV, videogames and art.”

Sedgwick continues: “We often consume the same stories via different platforms; we might read the comic book then watch the film adaptation and later play the videogame. Each platform brings out something new in the story. We have taken this concept of multiplatform storytelling and applied it to our museum. Thanks to our XOS, what we can now offer is a deeply integrated journey that extends, expands and enriches your visit, be that in person, or online.”

ACMI’s Chief Experience Officer Seb Chan and the ACMI team took Sedgwick’s vision and designed museum-wide technology XOS to integrate visitor experiences across every platform – before, during and after a museum visit.

“ACMI’s new technological approach (embodied in the XOS) redefines the museum experience,” says Chan. “It makes the knowledge held by our curators and communities accessible to our visitors wherever they are, allowing them to go much deeper into film, TV, videogames and contemporary art.

Perhaps what I’m most excited about is this ability for visitors to greatly expand their interest in screen culture and be led by our experts into watching and playing in new ways.”

The XOS is at the core of ACMI’s digital infrastructure and will also power what’s known as The Lens – a handheld device used by visitors to tap and collect objects of interest throughout the museum and later explore on any device, anywhere in the world.

“When our building opens, they will be able to leave with elements of what they’ve seen,” says Chan. “The technology then allows us to take the information visitors have collected and extend their exploration via a highly connected ecosystem of curated content.”

A taste of this curated content is now available, with the museum launching The Story of the Moving Image – a rich, online extension of the new 1600 sqm year-round exhibition that will be on display when audiences can visit the museum in the new year. In addition to The Story of the Moving Image, a new online art gallery and cinema have also been announced, alongside a suite of new education resources and public programs.

Sedgwick concludes: “COVID may have slowed the physical transformation of our museum, but it also presented an opportunity to accelerate our digital expansion. It has validated our focus on, and investment in, the technology that will drive our museum into the future. Come take a look!”

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