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Constant Contact for Museums

Email marketing is still seen as one of the most effective ways to communicate with museum audiences. It’s hardly surprising, despite the rise of social media channels people are using email more than ever with 102.6 trillion emails sent every year.

While Teenagers and Young Adults might use apps to communicate with friends they still have email accounts with more than 50% subscribing to marketing emails from retailers.

This is one reason that email use is predicted to continue to increase over the next few years. 

Museums know that email is an effective channel to drive visitation and boost attendance. In this article, we’ll look at one of the tools that can help your museum with email marketing, Constant Contact.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the most popular email marketing tools in the arts. First launched in 1995 they’ve more than 650,000 users.

Constant Contact allows you to build a list of email subscribers through a snippet of code that can be added to your website. Subscribers are added to your Constant Contact account which allows you to create eye-catching e-newsletters through drag and drop templates.

If you already have an email list, you’re able to import this into your account. Constant Contact also comes with a long list of integrations that can link it to everything from Facebook through to WordPress.

Constant Contact allows you to create your email newsletter with a simple drag and drop builder, and once you’ve sent the email you can track the open rate and click-throughs.

The price of Constant Contact depends on how many subscribers you have. 0 – 500 subscribers will cost you $20 per month, while the top tier of 35,001 – 50,000 subscribers will cost $335 per month.

As 50,000 is the maximum subscriber number, larger museums probably won’t find Constant Contact suitable.

Constant Contact also has a more expensive Plus version which includes A/B testing, event marketing, automations and more. This would cost $125 for a museum with a list of 5000 – 10,000 subscribers.


Email is an essential marketing tool for museums and from integration into your website through to creating impactful emails Constant Contact is a simple and effective tool that can get your e-newsletter up and running in just a few hours.

If you have a large email list, the $335 per month price point for 35,001 – 50,000 subscribers is a lot and other tools might be more cost-effective, but Constant Contact is a great place to start.

Constant Contact offers a free trail, so if you’re curious to try the drag and drop editor and see what it can do give it a go.

*Disclosure, we are affiliates for Constant Contact. This means we receive a commission should someone click through from our website and purchase their product.

About the author – Jim Richardson

Jim Richardson is the founder of MuseumNext. He has worked with the museum sector on technology and innovation projects for more than twenty years and now splits his time between delivering consultancy, innovation workshops and conferences.

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