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In Conversation with Jim Fishwick

MuseumNext Australia 2018 brings an international line up of museum thinkers, makers and innovators to Brisbane on March 19 – 21.

We’re delighted that Jim Fishwick from the Jetpack Theatre Collective is part of this years event. We caught up with him to find out more about his work and how his work relates to museums.

Jim Fishwick MuseumNext


What’s Jetpack Theatre Collective?
Jetpack is a group of emerging theatremakers exploring immersive, interactive, improvised, and otherwise innovative kinds of performance. Since 2015 we’ve put on over two dozen shows in rowboats, bathrooms, and back alleyways, to name a few. We’ve chased audiences through mazes, turned them in rioting rhinos, and entangled them in high school romance drama. We’re always scheming for new ways to get audiences leaning so far forwards in their seats that they fall into the show itself.

Art Heist sounds like an amazing experience, how did it work?
Thank you! Groups of up to four people came to our purpose-built gallery: to steal a priceless painting. They had up to forty-five minutes to do it by distracting guards, fooling alarms, dodging lasers, and more. It was kind of like an escape room, but the addition of live performers allowed us to co-write the story of the show with the players, instead of having fixed solutions. 

How do you think museums can benefit from working with people like yourself? 
A museum experience is improvised between the exhibition and the visitors. But as improvisors go, an exhibition is usually a pretty bad scene partner – the emphasis is on what the visitors take away from the experience, not on what the museum gains from the visitors. I’m all about building experiences that can reply to, play with, and learn from audiences.

MuseumNext Australia 2018 takes place in Brisbane, March 19 – 21 2018.

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