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Curio to sponsor MuseumNext Sydney

We’re please to announce that Curio are sponsoring MuseumNext Sydney.

Curio is an online service where museums can create interactive experiences that they can publish to a touchscreen. They key is that you no longer need technical skills, or outside providers, to create your interactives. It’s a simple drag-and-drop process.

Having made the interactive you can change it, update it and make it quite dynamic – from your desktop. Then, you can watch our awesome visual analytics to see what’s working. 

It means museums can be quite responsive to events, seasons, news and even special visitors. You just add new content and publish it. 

Why was it made?
It’s founders have decades of experience in working with museums. We know how powerful it is for audiences to interact and hear authentic stories about an object, from someone who has a real connection with it. They love to discover otherwise unnoticed details and to learn through great story-telling.   

The trouble is making interactives is expensive, and each one is unique. Our idea was to create something that lets institutions do it themselves, without needing us. This is especially true for interactive object labels.

Who has made it?
A key partner and shareholder is the national museum of New Zealand, Te Papa. The founders are Emily Loughnan, from Click Suite, James McLean, from Story Inc, and Robin Marshall from Touchtech.

We know and love this sector, and we are very passionate about engaging audiences.

MuseumNext Sydney
MuseumNext Sydney takes place at the Australian National Maritime Museum on April 1 – 2 2019.

Jim Richardson from MuseumNext said, ‘We’ve grateful to Curio for supporting this event, this is a young and innovative company and just the kind of exciting company which we want to share with our international community’.

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