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Workshop: Designing your museums YouTube Strategy

In October we’re holding our popular one day MuseumNext Digital Summit in Amsterdam. Museums from across Europe have signed up to attend this conference which is focused on how leading institutions are Making Digital Happen.

The day before the conference we have scheduled a workshop on Developing your Museums YouTube Strategy. This is being run by the former Educator Digital Learning at the Rijksmuseum and founder of We Share Culture, Wouter van der Horst.

Wouter recently spoke at MuseumNext London about the work he’s done with video at the Rijksmuseum and this three hour workshop is a must for anyone looking to get more out of YouTube.

Developing your Museums YouTube Strategy Workshop

Every museum has one: a YouTube channel. In general, these channels are often used as an archive for all sorts of video content, mainly marketing videos focussed on getting people to your museum. But how can you truly transfer meaningful museum experiences to this medium? And what can your institution learn from the succes of tutorials & video essays, two of the most popular YouTube genres out there?

In this workshop Wouter van der Horst, former Educator Digital Learning at the Rijksmuseum and founder of We Share Culture, will take you on a deep dive into YouTube by focusing on the Rijksmuseum’s two new YouTube Channels and other inspiring examples.

After learning from these successful YouTube Strategies, Wouter will help you to outline and conceptualize your own institution’s YouTube Strategy.

Workshop duration : Roughly 3 hours

Tickets for this workshop cost €181.50 (including taxes) and can be purchased here.

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