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Digital Fundraising Ideas to Inspire Museums 

With people’s movements limited because of the covid pandemic, fundraisers have had to think creatively and pivot to digital.

In this article, we look at digital fundraising ideas to inspire museums.

1. Asking people to donate what they’re not spending money on 

With people’s spending restricted by lockdowns, some charities have asked their supporters to donate the money that they’re saving on coffees, childcare, petrol, and haircuts.

Could your museum ask supporters to donate the cost of their Starbucks?

2. Isolation Challenges

With people stuck at home, many charities encouraged their supporters to use this as an opportunity to raise money. One challenge asked people to use being in the house to check down the back of the sofa for coins (and of course donate them).

This seems like a small ask that a museum could suggest to its members, supporters, and newsletter subscribers. 

3. Virtual Pub Quiz

Remote pub quizzes have been a popular distraction for people over the course of the past year, so it’s perhaps not surprising that some charities have built fundraising events around these.

Could your museum do a virtual quiz around art, history, or science to get the public to engage with your collection, and make a small donation?

4. Out of Office

What does your out-of-office email say? Could it be an opportunity to encourage people to give money with a link to your museum’s donations page?

5. Ask people to donate time

Money isn’t the only thing that we can ask people to donate, for the Australian Museum in Sydney saw a spike in digital volunteering during lockdown.

Are there digital volunteering activities that you could be encouraging your supporters to get involved with?

6. Offer to get creative

The Wisconsin Humane Society got creative for their fundraising when they posted on Facebook that they would send a ‘bad pet portrait’ to anyone who donated $15.

This fundraising initiative seems tailor-made for Art Museums. Could your museum offer bad portraits in return for donations?

7. Ask your supporters to get creative

It’s not just charities that have had to get creative with their fundraising during the Covid pandemic, supporters are finding lots of unusual ways to raise money.

So ask your supporters to think of creative ways to raise a little money to support your work. You might be surprised by what they come up with.


There’s a whole digital fundraising world to explore and we here at MuseumNext are here to guide you. Don’t miss out on reading our articles on winning at e-commerce and online donations, online fundraising platforms  and successful fundraising campaigns for small museums.



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