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Film: Exploring Sex & Relationship Education at the British Museum

Inspired by the publication ‘A Little Gay History’ the British Museum developed an innovative education offer for secondary schools that explores sex & relationships.

The session is delivered by artist educators and uses historical artefacts from the museum collection to create a stimulating and informative cross-curricular series of workshops to generate critical thinking and discussion.

The sessions aim to explore contemporary issues of gender identity, sexuality and well-being through workshops.

This presentation explores the journey that the education team have been on to implement this offer in the museum and how the programme has had a wider impact on inclusivity and exploring the collection in new ways at the British Museum. Melany will also explore how this work has helped the British Museum connect with schools, community groups and charity organisations in new ways.

Melany Rose, Education manager: Schools and Young Audiences at the British Museum at MuseumNext Rotterdam 2017.


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