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First 100 MuseumNext London 2018 tickets sell in 48 hours

MuseumNext London

Last week we launched MuseumNext London 2018 with 100 tickets priced at £300 + tax.

We’ve been blown away by how quickly these first 100 tickets have sold, and were pleased to see that many old friends were quick to sign up for this our tenth European conference.

‘Considering that we haven’t announced a single speaker for MuseumNext London, we’re blown away by how quickly these tickets for next summers conference have sold’, said MuseumNext founder Jim Richardson.

The first 100 tickets went to delegates from 16 countries, with people signing up from as far away as New Zealand and Australia.

MuseumNext London will take place at the Royal Geographers Society on Exhibition Road, just metres away from the cities world famous Science Museum, Natural History Museum and V&A.

2018 marks ten years since MuseumNext started, so the conference promises to be a special event.

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