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Free Training Resources for Museum Professionals

Continued professional development is essential to anyone who wants to keep up to date with the latest thinking in museums. Our virtual conferences offer a cost effective way to hear from those shaping the future of the sector.

Since 2009, we’ve shared presentations from leading museum thinkers, on everything from emerging digital technology to leadership, to engagement.

While we do charge for our events (that’s how we fund MuseumNext) some films are available free of charge along with numerous articles. This is a fantastic free training resource for museum professionals.

This collection of talks go back as far as 2011, and we are continually adding more films.

We’ve been delighted to hear from Educators that these films are being used as a training resource for museum studies degrees alongside our paid conferences. And also from those working in museums.

Some of the highlights of the MuseumNext archive include:

We’d encourage you to share these films and the ideas found in them with colleagues.

We feel that these films are a great free resource for those with interest in moving museum practice forward, and would like to see as many people benefit from these as possible.

If you’d like to hear the latest museum thinking on a range of topics, information on our upcoming virtual events can be found here.

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