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Getting More From MuseumNext Virtual Conferences

In the ever-evolving landscape of professional development, virtual conferences have emerged as a valuable platform for continuous learning and growth.

With the introduction of all-access organizational tickets, museums have found innovative ways to leverage these opportunities for the benefit of their staff. By tapping into the experiences of these forward-thinking institutions, we can glean valuable insights into maximizing the potential of virtual conferences.

Here are some effective strategies shared by museums that have stood out in their approach to professional development:

Designate Conference Champions

One key element that has proven successful for museums is the appointment of “Conference Champions.” These individuals are passionate advocates for professional development and take on the responsibility of promoting and engaging staff members with virtual events. By assigning specific team members to this role, museums create a sense of ownership and excitement around conferences.

The Conference Champions play a vital role in identifying relevant sessions, motivating others to participate, and even leading post-event discussions. Their enthusiasm becomes infectious, fostering a culture of active learning and growth within the organization.

Implement Lunch and Learn Sessions

To further amplify the value of virtual conferences, several museums have embraced the concept of “lunch and learn” sessions. Leveraging platforms like MuseumNext, they host weekly gatherings during lunch breaks, where different conference presentations are showcased.

This format allows staff members to not only consume valuable content during their downtime but also facilitates post-session discussions about key takeaways. By encouraging collective analysis and reflection, the lunch and learn approach enhances the understanding and application of insights gained from virtual events.

Plan and Block Out Time

Recognizing that watching conferences live may not always be feasible due to busy schedules, successful museums emphasize the importance of proactive planning. Staff members who derive the most benefit from virtual conferences take the time to examine the program in advance and strategically decide which sessions to attend.

By blocking out time on their calendars, they ensure they can either participate in live sessions or access them on-demand later. This proactive approach ensures that valuable learning opportunities are not missed and that professional development remains a priority.

Create Internal Discussion Groups

A powerful way to deepen engagement with conference content is through the creation of internal discussion groups within the organization. These groups come together to delve into the presentations, share insights, and explore how the ideas presented can be applied to ongoing or future projects.

The collaborative environment fosters a culture of shared learning, where staff members not only learn from the virtual conferences but also from one another. This transformation of the viewing experience into an active learning community enhances individual growth and strengthens team cohesion.

Develop Follow-Up Activities

To ensure that the knowledge gained from virtual events is not confined to theoretical understanding, museums devise follow-up activities that encourage practical application. Workshops, task forces, or individual projects are some of the ways museums facilitate the implementation of key takeaways into daily operations.

By translating insights into actionable plans, staff members can immediately apply newly acquired knowledge, thereby elevating the impact of professional development.

Final Thoughts

The success stories of museums in leveraging virtual conferences for professional development reveal the importance of intentional communication, a culture of sharing, innovative approaches like “lunch and learn” sessions, and proactive planning. By implementing these strategies, organizations can empower their teams to extract maximum value from every virtual event.

The continuous pursuit of knowledge and skill development will not only benefit individual staff members but also contribute to the overall growth and success of the institution in an ever-changing world.

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