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Guggenheim Museum to Open Daily Beginning in 2019

Guggenheim Museum will be open seven-day-a-week starting January 7, 2019.

The museum attributes the change to celebrating its 60th anniversary, but by opening on Thursday (the day that the museum is currently closed), the Guggenheim Museum joins Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art by being open seven days a week.

Since opening in 1959, the Guggenheim Museum has inspired generations of visitors with its radical art and stunning architecture which has seen it called one of ‘the world’s most beautiful museums.’

The museum will hold a series of events leading up to the anniversary with activities that will offer the public new opportunities for inspiration,contemplation, and connection.

Guggenheim Museum to open seven days a week from January 2019

Tours and activities will explore the history of the building, and Guggenheim fans can look forward to behind-the-scenes videos, a blog series featuring guest writers from the fields of design and architecture, and a chance to share their own experiences of Guggenheim using the hashtag #Guggenheim60.

During 2019, members and the public are invited to celebrate with in-depth exhibitions of the museum’s collection, and programs that highlight the connection between architecture and art.

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