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Film: Hirshhorn Director Melissa Chiu talks Museum challenges

Director of Hirshhorn Museum & Gardens, Dr Melissa Chiu shares her thoughts on the challenges facing museums in the 21st century.

Museums have undergone enormous changes in the past few decades but many of the fundamentals of how we think about the care and presentation of art have not changed. This lecture by Dr Melissa Chiu addresses museum challenges in the twenty-first century. What are the key factors that could transform how we operate as museums?

These could include evolving population and community demographics, the perception of a museum’s role within society, the recasting of art history or even the burgeoning and global marketplace for art.

Dr Melissa Chiu addresses their potential impact on museums especially as they respond to these challenges and transform into responsive 21st century institutions.

Dr. Melissa Chiu, Director,
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Gardens


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