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Museum 4.0 – adding unique interactive augmented reality experiences has never been so easy

INDOAR is a hardware-free, augmented reality based indoor navigation system that is able to create an amazing, easily manageable, AR experience for your visitors.

It’s a great experience for old and young and allows you to offer your visitors:

  • Interactive tours featuring augmented reality content
  • Wayfinding
  • Location-based information
  • Customizable character
  • Entertaining treasure hunts
  • And much more…

Augmented Reality for everyone!

Museum environments have always been a playground for extended reality features and as such virtual reality experiences, immersive video installations, and augmented reality objects today are part of many exhibitions. But unlike the others, AR is not limited to a location and can be experienced throughout the entire venue. The benefit of AR can reach far deeper within a museum’s identity than a simple installation can, when AR becomes part of the overall visit experience.

Guided Tours

Curate your own tours easily. With the INDOAR admin interface the creation, editing, and administration is an easy task. Add videos, pictures, audio files, or other content to any location in your venue and let your visitors be guided by GuideBOT.

Content for POI’s

Content to enhance the experience of the visitor can be text, images, audio, video. It can be retrieved from existing collection management systems.

Visitors can pick a guided tour of their interest. During the tour, they will be guided on their own smartphone to a series of items combined in the tour, in their own language.

AI Character

Our 3D GuideBOT avatar or a custom avatar can be created to be the visitor’s personal museum guide, and provide multilingual explanations!

Virtual Exhibitions

Additionally, you can offer partial or complete virtual exhibitions online on your website or for promotion purposes shared on social media. Click here for an example.

These virtual tours are generated as a side product of the scanning and like this, you can solve two problems at a time. Being ready if lockdown hits again, and especially being ready to offer something new that differentiates you from the rest, once these challenging times will have passed away. 

INDOAR is hardware-free…

It’s a non-intrusive solution – no need for extensive installation of Bluetooth beacons or other infrastructure.

This has always been one of the major problems and obstacles for the widespread adoption of AR systems as for a museum environment as such systems are simply too expensive.

Common solutions usually come with the need for the installation of supporting sensor-based systems like Bluetooth Beacons, WiFi Beacons, or UWB Antennas in order to determine a user’s location and be able to provide navigation or content on specific positions.

With a new approach based on visual recognition, this problem can now be solved by enabling users to determine their position by simply filming their environment.

So how easy is it to set up this system?

The system is based on a Digital Twin of the museum made with a 3D Scan of your location which can either be a Matterport scan or a NavVis scan for larger venues. We import this scan and produce a visual recognition pattern out of it, which allows the visitor to just use the camera of his smartphone to automatically determine the position in the museum.

Once the importing of the 3D-scan is done, the Points-of-Interest can be created in our 3D admin interface with a simple click in the 3D-model of the museum. After the creation of a POI, it can be filled with content such as photos, text, video, etc to be shown when the visitor arrives at that location when using the INDOAR Museum app on his/her smartphone. The admin interface can be remotely administered using a web based interface. .

So if this has raised your interest, feel free to reach out to us!

More information about INDOAR for Museum:

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