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Film: Museum Audience Engagement Using A Ferris Wheel

With the innovative project ‘1001 Heimat’, the Stapferhaus Lenzburg went on a journey of discovery through Switzerland at 12 different fairs, from July to December 2016. In this Museum Audience Engagement case study Sibylle Lichtensteiger, Director of Stapferhaus Lenzburg shares what they learnt.

The Stapferhaus didn’t invite visitors to its usual homebase in Lenzburg in the greater Zurich area for an exhibition – instead, it took to the road to visit the people of Switzerland.

Fair visitors from all kinds of backgrounds were asked to take a free ride on the Ferris Wheel to talk about their feelings and vision of home (Heimat) and to fill in a survey on iPads on questions of home along with their socio-economic specifics.

That way, 1000 voices of home were gathered. The qualitative material (every encounter on the Ferris wheel was filmed) was continually posted online on the project website and will be an intergral part of the exhibition ‘Heimat’ in Lenzburg and the accompanying publication.

The exhibition shows all the participants in a special installation and ten ‘best of videos’ on different topics of home from the tour through Switzerland.

Sibylle Lichtensteiger, Director of Stapferhaus Lenzburg spoke about Museum Audience Engagement Using A Ferris Wheel at MuseumNext Rotterdam 2017.

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