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Which Museum Conferences to attend in Autumn 2020?

Because of the global Covid pandemic we have cancelled all MuseumNext conferences for 2020. In there place, we’re excited to announce an online programme which offers a month of professional development mixed with the networking and connections that we know people love about our events.

Disrupting, Not Disrupted

MuseumNext Disrupt is our new professional development programme, designed to fit into your life.

This is a four week programme for museum professionals looking for innovative newapproaches, frameworks and case studies. The four week syllabus will consist of four modules on resilience, innovation and what’s next?

All delivered online in a flexible format that you can study at your own pace.

Week One

In week one, we’ll look at personal and organisational resilience.

How can we adapt to change when the ground is shifting beneath out feet, and what can we learn from the Covid crisis?

Expect interviews, debate, case studies and tools for this crisis and beyond.

Week Two

In week two, we’ll discuss how we canchallenge convention and pivot our organisations and careers with new ideas and energy.

We’ll hear from people leading these changes, and look at frameworks for challenging convention.

Week Three

In our third week, we’ll talk about thepractical side of making change happen. How do you turn your idea’s into action?

How can you better communicate what you want to achieve? Learn from those who are successfully doing this in their organisations.

Week Four

Our final week is all about what’s next? How will the world change over the next decade and how can we confidently step into this and lead change.

We’ll learn techniques, hear examples and put plans in place for moving ourselves and our organisations forward.

Get Connected

The Covid pandemic means that all of us are living through unprecedented times.

The support of like-minded peers and mentors from around the world going through similar things will help you to bounce back and get ready for the new normal.

MuseumNext Disrupt connects you with a global cohort to support you on this journey.

Interested in MuseumNext Disrupt? The programme fee is £480 and enrolment is open now.

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