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Which Museum Conferences to attend in 2022 / 2023?

It’s difficult to keep track of all of the great museum conferences taking place around the world, especially when virtual events make even more great talks available. Sometimes you may find out too late that an event is taking place, and it’s a real shame when it’s something you might have attended. We’ve compiled this list of Museum Conferences taking place throughout 2022. This list will be updated throughout the year.

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October 2022

Digital Collections Summit

🌎 Virtual Conference

Organised by MuseumNext, the Digital Collections Summit will take place 10 — 11 October. Over two days you’ll hear about the latest digital platforms, strategies and tools, and get the guidance you need to move forward with confidence.

From digitisation to collection management, online collections to digital storytelling, DAMS to NFTs. This event asks what’s next for digital collections?

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Western Museums Association’s Annual Meeting

🌎 Portland, Oregon, USA

The Western Museums Association and the Oregon Museums Association will be holding their Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon on October 6-9! With the theme of FORWARD, WMA 2022 will focus on the ways museums can be adaptable, FORWARD-thinking institutions.

With 36 sessions, 2 general sessions, 4 evening events, 2 tours, and many new opportunities to share content with colleagues and make in-person connections, the annual conference from the Western Museums Association promises to be a fun and creative gathering of museum professionals.

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November 2022

Culture Geek Conference 2022

🌎 London, England

Culture Geek is where the arts come together to talk about digital. Over the past decade Culture Geek has become the go to conference for those working on the digital side of culture.

This year’s conference will take place on 7th November at the Royal institution in central London, with speakers including Nanet Beumer, Head of Digital at the Rijksmuseum.

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Museums Association Conference 2022

🌎 Edinburgh, Scotland

The UK Museums Association Conference 2022 will be held at Edinburgh International Conference Centre from 3 to 5 November 2022, and will also be available online for remote attendees.

This year’s conference explores how museums can create better places to live and work in a post-Covid world. To do this, museums need to tackle a number of crucial issues, including the climate crisis, inequalities and racism, the legacy of empire, and wellbeing.

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American Association of State and Local History Annual Meeting 2022

🌎 Buffalo, New York, USA

The 2022 AASLH Annual Conference will be held September 14-17 in Buffalo with the 2022 Virtual Conference following on November 1-4.

From Plymouth Rock to Ellis Island to Wounded Knee, history is powerfully embedded in our sense of place. Place offers a powerful lens through which we can view the past, challenging us to think beyond our modern cityscapes to consider the full history of the space we now call the United States.

As AASLH gathers in Buffalo, NY in 2022, conference delegates will have an opportunity to reflect on the spaces we occupy and the stories they tell.

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MCG Museums+Tech 2022

🌎 London, England

2020 saw cultural heritage organisations produce a multitude of digital responses to events such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the ongoing climate crisis.

Two years on, what is the legacy of these digital interventions? Has the disruption to visiting a physical space resulted in embedding long-term digital initiatives that have persisted following reopening, or have they been abandoned in a bid to recreate the ‘old normal’?

The Museum Computer Group conference will take place at the British Library on November 16.

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December 2022

Digital Exhibitions Summit

🌎 Virtual Conference

Organised by MuseumNext, the Digital Exhibitions Summit will take place 5 —  6 December. Over two days you’ll hear about the latest developments in digital exhibitions, both in gallery and online.

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February 2023

Museums, Health & Wellbeing Summit

🌎 Virtual Conference

Organised by MuseumNext, the Museums, Health & Wellbeing Summit will take place 6-7 February 2023. Over two days you’ll hear how museums are improving mental health, combatting isolation, building resilience and serving those facing aged related illness.

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