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MuseumNext Announces London Museum Conference 2019

We are pleased to announce that our 2019 European Museum Conference will take place in London on 3 – 5 June.

Once again industry leaders from museums around the world will convene at the Royal Geographical Society on Exhibition Road. Home to the world famous V&A, Natural History Museum and Science Museum.

2019 Museum Conference

In 2019 we once again expect the event to bring together a rich mix of international museum professionals, drawn together by a shared purpose. To continually strive make museums the best they can be.

Conference delegates will enjoy presentations from museum leaders, thinkers and provocateurs and benefit from the opportunity to build their international professional networks.

What do delegates say about MuseumNext? :

Far and away one of the best conferences for the sector I’ve been to.‘ – Christopher Salter, Deputy Director, Museum of Brisbane

‘MuseumNext is the most forward looking museum conference in Europe, if not the world’ – Gail Lord, Co-President, Lord Cultural Services

‘Every year I say it’s the best and I worry that by growing it’ll lose that special je ne sais quoi. Not a worry at all, they managed to create a large-scale international museum conference with a familiar and home-y feel about it.‘. – Mar Dixon, Museum Consultant

MuseumNext Conference will return to London in 2019

What to expect from 2019 Museum Conference

Our 2019 conference will focus on turning ideas into action, with advice on how to overcome challenges and make change happen. The event will feature presentations, workshops, network and tours.

Confirmed conference speakers include:

The full programme for our 2019 conference will be released soon.

MuseumNext Founder Jim Richardson said, ‘We are excited to be returning to London with the conference in 2019. The event will focus on real actionable advice for museum professionals and we’ll have unmissable opportunities to exchange ideas with those shaping the future of museums’

Several hundred museum professionals have already booked for this event, and we expect more than 500 to be there in June.

Save the Date: MuseumNext London 2019 will take place June 3 – 5

MuseumNext present events in cultural capitals annually. In 2019 our museum conferences will take place in Los Angeles, Sydney, London, Amsterdam and New York. 

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