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Announcing the Digital museum Conference

Faced with a global pandemic, museums around the world have pivoted to digital in order to meet the needs of their audiences and to fight for their own survival.

In February 2021 we will be holding a virtual edition of our popular MuseumNext Digital Summit to discuss at what we’ve learnt in a challenging year and to look ahead, beyond the pandemic.

More than sixty speakers will share their insight and experience with talks about everything from live streaming through to online learning.

“The past year has seen a huge shift in how museums approach digital. It’s no longer the responsibility of a handful of people, everyone needs to understand how these tools can help us to serve our audiences”, says MuseumNext Founder Jim Richardson.

This broad, museum wide approach is reflected in the programme with presentations coming from across the spectrum of museum departments and outside experts.

The conference will take place over five days with more than 40 sessions.

“It’s a huge programme. We initially planned to offer two hours of talks each day and we’ve ended up with an event which in total is about 25 hours! That’s purely down to the high quality of proposals that we got for this event”, says Richardson.

The programme will be live-streamed but also available on demand so people can watch sessions that they miss at a later date. 

“There’s just so much that we can learn from how museums pivoted to digital this year, we want to give our community an event that does it justice”

The MuseumNext Digital Summit take place February 22 – 26. Early bird tickets are £120.

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