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MuseumNext launches North American Museum Conference

MuseumNext is to launch a North American Museum Conference to compliment the Annual event which has taken place in Europe since 2009. The conference will be held in partnership with Indianapolis Museum of Art in September 2015, bringing with it exploratory talks on engaging visitors with new technology and industry trends.

With more than 30 speakers, 25 presentations, a MuseumCamp and two social events, MuseumNext Indianapolis will be focused on how museums can make themselves more accessible to different groups, ensuring that equality and diversity is paramount in day-to-day operations.

Museum Digital Summit

Keynote speakers include Nina Simon, Executive Director of Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, who will deliver a talk titled Fighting for Inclusion. Other highlights will be presentations from Tim Powell from Historic Royal Palaces, London talking about R&D in a heritage organization and Shelley Bernstein sharing her Ask Brooklyn Museum project which empowers visitors to ask questions about the collection.

Jim Richardson, Founder of MuseumNext said, ‘We have had a fantastic response to the announcement that we’ll be holding this our first North American Museum Conference. We hope that this will become an annual event taking place in the Fall, just as our European conference is in Spring’.

The conference will conclude with a panel of experts discussing key topics from the presentations over the previous two days. An evening reception held in the gardens of the Indianapolis Museum of Art with a closing celebration hosted by the IMA Audience Experience and Performance team will round off the event.

MuseumNext will return to Europe in Spring 2016, with a three day conference in Dublin, Ireland.

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