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MuseumNext team up with WUNDER for Autumn Museum Conferences

Over the past decade MuseumNext has asked ‘what’s next for museums’ sharing best practice and innovation from the the intersection between museums and technology.

This is made possible by those innovators in museums and the tech sector supporting our events. We’re delighted to be partnering with one such innovative tech business for our Autumn conferences in Amsterdam and New York, WUNDER.

WUNDER is creating the first ever blockchain-based, distributed museum focused on the dissemination and sustainability of digital art. WUNDER strives to make digital art as globally accessible as possible, while simultaneously giving artists the opportunity to maximize their creative potential within this exciting contemporary medium.

MuseumNext Founder Jim Richardson said, ‘As a business which is pushing the boundaries of museums and technology WUNDER are perfect partners for our events. we believe that Blockchain based technology has the potential to change museums. Their financial support will allow us to make our Autumn events even better and introduces cutting edge technology to our community’.

MuseumNext Tech will take place in Amsterdam in October, and delegates will have the opportunity to hear about WUNDER and discuss their platform with their team. MuseumNext NYC takes place 1 – 2 November in the cities financial district and WUNDER will be coming along to share their work.

You can find out more about WUNDER and their block-chain based tech on their website.

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