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Film: Nina Simon on building community organizations OF, BY & FOR ALL

Nina Simon, Executive Director of Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History shares her vision for building community organizations OF, BY & FOR ALL. This new global initiative to help civic and cultural organisations launched at MuseumNext London 2018.

For seven years, Nina has led dramatic change as director of the MAH, a small museum in California. Around the world, community rooted organisations like the MAH have opened up museums to new people in new ways. Now, she is sharing their playbook for community transformation, and inviting you to join in.

Nina Simon talks about a world in which all people have access and influence in cultural and creative spaces. She envisions museums that are reflective OF their communities. Co-created BY their communities. Welcoming FOR their communities. Nina invites us to join the movement and chart a new future for museums as beloved institutions of, by, and for all.

Nina Simon spoke about building community organizations OF, BY & FOR ALL at MuseumNext London 2018.

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