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What do the Smithsonian, DIA and Green Bay Packers all have in common?

Interactive experience platform, Goosechase, is quickly building a reputation for helping cultural venues and tourist attractions to engage their communities and encourage participation around the world. Working with programming and digital teams, Goosechase is giving institutions the tools they need to create unique and scalable experiences. Here’s how. 

Customisable audience experiences in action

The Detroit institute of Art (DIA) boasts one of the USA’s largest collections of art across more than 100 galleries. For the museum’s Education Programs department, this offers a wealth of material from which to build engaging and educational developmental programmes for students and educators.

But in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, using pen-and-paper scavenger hunt activities presented newly identified hygiene issues and got the DIA team thinking about ways to build on their offering.

Enter Goosechase.

By providing the museum with a platform on which to build their scavenger hunts, Goosechase offered a touch-free solution to DIA visitors. Users utilise their own mobile device to access Goosechase via a QR code or URL at entry. Once the app is opened, the adoption curve is low and visitors can play straight away.

In this way the DIA has been equipped with the tools to create fully-fledged gamified experiences that appeal greatly to young visitors. An added bonus of digital activities is the ability to track activity from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Every student “Mission” is logged, revealing the most impactful activities, the most engaging exhibits and a reduced reliance on staff to maintain paper-based hunts and train visitors on the hunt requirements.

With in-app instructions on how to play, young users are empowered to tour the museum and complete Missions at their own pace. From silly activities designed purely for fun to more educational challenges for specific learning groups, providing tailored experiences is easy using the Goosechase platform.

Goosechase is also helping the Smithsonian to deliver a monthly virtual game for remote users – named Air and Space Adventures. Designed to bring friends and families together online, the game features a combination of missions, activities and photo challenges – all of which earn participants points. Running virtually for 3hrs each month from 12.30pm EST, the game is followed closely by judges to help users along the way.

This approach serves to keep the museum’s community engaged and entertained, even when they aren’t able to visit the museum itself.

Of course, digitalising on-site, real-world scavenger hunts is where Goosechase thrives and a clear example of this can be found at the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame experience. Like many stadium tours, schools and youth groups are welcomed in to learn about the team’s history and gather information about legendary players.

But at the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, the experience doesn’t simply revolve around memorabilia in glass cabinets or panel upon panel of signage with in-depth player biographies. Using the Goosechase app, visitors are welcomed into an interactive experience that turns exhibits into missions and transforms information gathering into a fun and rewarding competition.

A flexible and low-maintenance solution for museums

As the many institutions and cultural venues that have embraced Goosechase can attest, the platform’s appeal lies in its flexibility. Totally customisable and easily built around the specifications of an exhibit or visitor group, scavenger hunts and other missions can be tailored and reworked at will. In fact, the platform has proved itself to be a popular tool for handling FAQs among visitors – answering questions such as the whereabouts of the washroom facilities, lockers or cafeteria.

Goosechase also describes its app as “low lift”, meaning that experiences don’t require substantial ongoing maintenance or internal resource to manage day to day. Prescheduled missions can be launched and then expired as needed. These experiences can also be duplicated and modified for different groups with ease.

Every Goosechase account also comes with a range of pre-built missions that can be added directly into a museum’s experience.

Monitoring success and managing insights

For marketing, programming, operations and facilities teams, Goosechase’s data collection and reporting features make it a powerful tool to improve visitor experiences and inform future work. From monitoring the flow of visitors through an exhibit or building to collecting feedback on programming – assessed via mission popularity – data collection can be used to improve and evolve experiences.

For those looking to gain more from their analytics data and access help in understanding everything from engagement information to leaderboards to timestamps, Goosechase are always on hand to help with a live chat function, informative blog and creator hub known as The Nest.

The content created through the completion of missions can also be utilised by marketing teams to great effect. A perfect example of this can be seen in the “Take It Outside Challenge” run by Will County’s Forest Preserve District in Illinois. The 12 month challenge saw more than 1,200 participants completing over 100,000 nature-themed missions in the stunning woodland setting.

As many of the missions required taking photos of plants, wildlife and landscapes, the marketing team were furnished with stunning images on a daily basis – user-generated content that could be deployed across the organisation’s digital channels.

Missions can also be a valuable tool in developing longer-term advocacy and communicating effectively with visitors. By requesting contact details within challenges as a requirement of entry, marketing teams can look to build relationships with a specific audience – generating segment-specific content as required.

So, what do the Smithsonian, DIA and Green Bay Packers stadium have in common? Every one of them is dedicated to offering engaging and entertaining visitor experiences with the help of Goosechase.

As Goosechase Founder and CEO, Andrew Cross explains, “We’re helping organisations to create delightful interactive experiences for their communities. Museums are places where people should expect to have fun, play and chase knowledge – and our platform is all about making that happen without prohibitive expense or rigid requirements.”

You can find out more about Goosechase by visiting the website here.


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