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Ten tips to make your next conference the best yet

We have welcomed thousands of people to MuseumNext from all over the world since 2009. During that time we have learnt that those who have the best experience take the time to do a little preparation before the event.

Here are a few tips to make your conference as successful as possible:

Who’s coming?
Scour Twitter to see who’s coming and reach out to people you want to meet.

Start following the conversations about the conference on the hashtag #MuseumNext

Meet people!
Arrange to meet with people on day one, because time runs out ..

Look at who is sponsoring and exhibiting at the conference, are any of these companies providing a service you need?

What will you say?
Have a really simple, brief sentence to answer ‘What do you do?’

What will you share?
Think about how you might share your experience of MuseumNext with others in your organisation and in the sector.

Remember to pack:
Power cables, phone chargers and international adaptors.

Be brave….
Don’t hide behind your laptop or phone. Step out and be brave a few times. It will pay off.

Pack your business cards and exchange contacts with as many people as possible.

Found this post useful? Read these tips for making this your best museum conference experience ever.


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