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TICKETURE: Re-imagining ticketing in a world no-one could have imagined

Among the many challenges that we’ve faced as a society in 2020, it is often the disruption to ordinary, everyday things that has made the Pandemic feel so pervasive. Now, as nations emerge unsteadily from their respective lockdowns we find ourselves in a world where added emphasis must be placed on planning and preparation.

Whether it’s leaving the house with face coverings and hand sanitiser or making appointments and bookings in advance for activities that once would have been spontaneous “walk-ins”, we all find ourselves plotting our courses more carefully than before.

While much of the recent media coverage has been on the hospitality sector’s adoption of bookings for track and trace purposes, there are many venues and institutions facing a much larger challenge. Creating a truly frictionless booking experience isn’t easily done across a range of attractions and venues where legacy software, systems and technologies all need to be accommodated or enhanced. Yet the team at Ticketure – headquartered in California – are providing a flexible and reliable solution that museums and venues can integrate swiftly and efficiently.

Entirely cloud-based, this mobile solution already powers the likes of  Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and SpyScape. Whether it’s a one-off event or a complex schedule of fluid timed entries, Ticketure makes it easy to manage visitor volumes and relevant data.

For those of a technical disposition, the real genius of Ticketure lies in its API-first architecture. Integration with third-party systems, CRMs and donation management systems is no challenge, and third party sellers can access real time inventory and pricing data to make the admissions process seamless.

Already an established name in the USA and more recently launched in the UK, Ticketure is not only helping some of the world’s long-established institutions adapt to the current environment, it is also helping ambitious smaller venues and attractions to embrace opportunities for growth at a time when the public’s appetite for safely delivered social and cultural activities couldn’t be greater.

Ticketure’s Business Development Director EMEA, John Pinchbeck, says,

“Right now venues and institutions need to ensure that they make every patron count. To do that requires a ticketing system that is fast, secure and flexible, so that visitors have enjoyable experiences that aren’t undermined by delays, queues or mistakes. In many cases, we find that the benefits of timed entry in combination with reduced crowds has resulted in a more enjoyable experience – particularly in galleries and museums.”

This poses an interesting question, of course: is the demand for a mobile-driven ticketing system just a solution for the here and now, or is it here to stay?

Business Development Director for Ticketure in the Americas, Brian Stallings, says,

“While the need for the additional tracking and tracing will more than likely decrease over time, we believe the desire for a true contactless experience for visitors for transaction processing will remain strong. With many of our customers pushing for a ‘cash-less’ experience, Chip/NFC/Digital Payment options are providing a streamlined payment experiences for transaction engagement as well as an additional contactless interaction for visitors. In addition, offering ticket delivery to common e-Wallet applications (Apple/Google Wallet) only further helps organizations to increase the ease of adoption of a true digital and contactless experience for their visitors.

“The benefits of a best-in-class booking system to institutions are unquestionable and, with the ubiquity of smartphones, mobile bookings and timed entries were already growing in popularity with most of Ticketure’s customers experiencing over 75% of their online transactions via mobile devices.”

Just as cash has given way almost entirely to the speed and convenience of card and contactless payments in the wake of Covid-19, so it seems that the traditional till-point ticketing system may well give way to a more modern, tech-driven approach.

As John Pinchbeck explains, the increased intelligence that comes with digital ticketing will prove to be hugely beneficial to institutions and their patrons in the long term.

“Already, the most forward-thinking venues and museums are using visitor data to inform improvements in the visitor experience. And, with Ticketure they will be able to integrate an extra layer of business intelligence into their work. Whether it’s managing visitor flow, improving customer service or controlling pricing, institutions can be more responsive than ever before.”

Interested to find out more about how Ticketure could help to deliver a frictionless visitor experience and inform your business intelligence? Get in touch with Ticketure here.

About the author – Tim Deakin

Tim Deakin is a journalist and editorial consultant working with a broad range of online publications.

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