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Tiqets creates essential guide to help museums and venues tackle seasonality in tourism

With the festive season finally over for another year, many organisations around the world will be looking ahead at how they can make 2022 more successful than the last.

Cultural institutions and tourist attractions are often led to believe that certain times of year are doomed to be quiet, and nothing they do can change this. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. It is possible for museums and other organisations to optimise their success all year round, from the height of summer to the depths of winter.

In order to support museums, galleries, theme parks and other venues during this ‘dry season’, innovative ticketing platform Tiqets has created an essential guide for How to Overcome Seasonality in Tourism. With this manual to hand, Tiqets aims to help the tourism and culture sector attract visitors throughout the year, ironing out the peaks and troughs that have historically held some attractions back.

By combining expert advice with tried and tested methodology, this downloadable guide puts the power firmly back in the hands of venues, giving institutions control over when and how to drive footfall. Within the How to Overcome Seasonality in Tourism guide, users will find tips for maximising the potential of regional events and holidays, alongside tactics for tapping into new audiences.

Introducing its new off-season marketing plan, Tiqets states:

“Is seasonality in tourism a necessary evil or a challenge you can overcome? This is the question on the minds of a lot of museums and attractions. The answer directly impacts marketing decision-making – whether to focus your marketing budget on the times of year people naturally flock to your venue, or use your budget to try to bring more people during the “off season”. It’s a trade-off, and the stakes might seem particularly high right now.”

Alongside these expert tips, the e-book also identifies a number of techniques that can be used to entice local visitors during traditionally quieter months, as well as creative ideas for repurposing venues out of season. This ultimately helps tourist attractions and other venues take the pressure off their busiest seasons by making success possible throughout the year.

The guide states:

“There are so many factors to consider, but if there’s one lesson the travel industry has learned over the last few years, it’s that finding new ways to do things pays off. With that spirit, we have some tactical off-season marketing ideas to help you bring some balance to your visitor load all year long.”

The expert insights included in this easily digestible e-book makes it an essential read for any cultural or leisure venues looking to reach new heights in 2022. Thanks to a carefully curated selection of case studies and examples, it is made clear that suffering from feast or famine over the calendar year isn’t something that tourist attractions simply have to accept.

To download the How to Overcome Seasonality in Tourism guide, click here.


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