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Tiqets supports the reopening of museums with an informative guide to improving visitor experiences

Any form of planning that begins with a blank sheet of paper can feel daunting. And after many months of enforced closures, museums and galleries around the world can be forgiven for a sense of nervousness as they lay out their strategy for the immediate future. Undoubtedly, there is a lot riding on the successful return of institutions, which need to make a big impression if they want to regain footfall and build up visitor numbers quickly.

As part of its mission to make culture more accessible, innovative ticketing platform Tiqets is helping museums and galleries to plan their way out of their hiatus. Through a new e-book, 2020’s Best Museums Share How To Improve Visitor Experience, Tiqets hopes to help venues of all shapes and sizes to deliver a world-class visitor experience.

As the introduction to the e-book states:

The winners of the 2020 Best Museum Award all have one thing in common: they’ve translated captivating subject matter into a unique experience, in a stunning space. They were all incredible museums before the pandemic, and they’ve emerged to showcase an even more highly calibrated degree of customer experience. They’ve been successful in holding their strong vision while staying creative in execution. They’ve been not just agile, but truly remarkable.

And it continues . . .

Read on for inspiration into how to improve your own museum visitor experience.  

Incorporating commentary from travel industry professionals, visitor testimonials and valuable digital data, this new downloadable evidences the positive effects of each institution’s visitor experience strategy. And by combining the expertise of a range of award-winning museums from around the world – including the USA, France, Italy and Spain – this e-book has an international flavour to it. This genuine scope and insight makes it a valuable read for everyone from ticketing teams and customer service departments through to curators and digital teams.

Not surprisingly given the challenges presented by Covid-19, each of the museums under the spotlight present their top “learned lessons from a global pandemic”.

To download 2020’s Best Museums Share How To Improve Visitor Experience, click here

About the author – Tim Deakin

Tim Deakin is a journalist and editorial consultant working with a broad range of online publications.

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