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More Training Opportunities for Museum Professionals at MuseumNext

If you’re looking for the best training opportunities for museum professionals, conferences should be top of your list.

A great museum conference gives you countless opportunities to learn new skills, get inspired and network with museum leaders from around the globe. That’s certainly our aim at MuseumNext, a conference that has over the past decade become a must attend event for progressive museum professionals.

You can find our latest conferences listed here.

What do people say about MuseumNext:

‘Out of all the conferences that are out there, MuseumNext is my favourite by far. Because I think it’s the most interesting and I get the most professionally from it.’ – Scott Stulen, President & Director, Philbrook Museum of Art

‘The most forward looking museum conference in Europe, if not the world.’ – Gail Dexter Lord, Co-President, Lord Cultural Resource

Far and away one of the best conferences for the sector I’ve been to.
Christopher Salter, Deputy Director, Museum of Brisbane

I loved MuseumNext. It had the right combination of edginess, young people, and easy laid back charm.
Elaine Heumann Gurian, Museum Consultant

Training Opportunities for Museum Professionals

If you’re looking for training opportunities that can advance your career, then MuseumNext could be for you. Our events are packed with lessons in best practice from those leading museums around the world.

Whether the latest thinking in leadership, new tech tools to make your life easier or an inspirational story, you’ll leave the conference with a notebook packed with new ideas.

However the value that the conference offers doesn’t stop with the conference presentations. Delegates tell us that the chance to network with museum professionals from around the world in an informal atmosphere is an unbeatable professional development opportunity.


If your looking for an unbeatable training opportunities for museum professionals like you, consider attending a MuseumNext conference.

We really believe that MuseumNext is an unbeatable training opportunities for museum professionals.

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