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New York conference to explore the future of Museum storytelling?

In November 2019 MuseumNext returns to the United States with a conference about the future of museum storytelling.

Storytelling is as much a part of museums as their collections, but how is the way that we share stories changing? How can museums use stories to invoke wonder and curiosity? How can stories help us to have a deeper understanding of the past, present or future? And how do we create opportunities for our audiences to share their stories?

Speakers confirmed for the conference include:

Seth Godin, Author and Change Agent
Karen Palmer, Filmaker and Storyteller from the Future
Kevin Jennings, President, Tenement Museum
Laura van Broekhoven, Director, Pitt Rivers Museum
Laura Kleger, Director Interactive, Guggenheim
Adam Rozan, National Museum of American History
Ayanna Muhammad, Lead Curator, Hip Hop Museum DC


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