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Who’s speaking at Culture Geek 2021

Under normal circumstances the Culture Geek Conference takes place in London with 8 – 10 speakers.

This years virtual edition will welcome more than fifty speakers to the ‘stage’ to talk about how their museums, festivals, theatres and arts organisations pivoted to digital over the past year.

For organisations we’ve got institutional tickets that allow an unlimited number of staff to attend for a single fee (also options for individuals, freelancers, students and the unemployed).

And if you miss anything, you’ve got access to recordings of all the talks until the end of 2021…

Here’s a full list of who’s speaking at Culture Geek 2021:

  • Ami Temarantz
  • Amy Knight
  • Andrew Hayes
  • Andrew Payne
  • Clara Cobb
  • Dallas Bennett
  • Danielle Cowell
  • David Glasser
  • Ellie Head
  • Emily Crum
  • Emily Simpson
  • Fay Orfanidou
  • Francesca Di Nuzzo
  • Hannah Doll
  • Harold White
  • Jen Maxcy
  • Jeremy Joslin
  • Jessica Lane
  • Katia Hountondji
  • Katriina Campitelli
  • Kavita Jhunjhunwala
  • Linda Spurdle
  • Linnea West
  • Margriet Schavemaker
  • Matt Saull
  • Maurice Seleky
  • May Abdalla
  • Meagan Smith
  • Michael Biondo
  • Michael Chandler
  • Michael Robison
  • Natasha Ransom
  • Rianne Schoonderbeek
  • Rob Morgan
  • Rosie Arnold
  • Rowan Cannon
  • Ruth Bergman
  • Samantha Lane
  • Sarah Bird
  • Sarah Younas
  • Saul Argent
  • Sitara Emily Shah
  • Steph Meskell-Brocken
  • Tracie Timmer
  • Steve Burgess

You can find the full conference programme here.

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