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Artlife Translations

Artlife Translations specialises in providing language solutions for cultural organisations

Having information in your native language changes everything. And, likely, most of your international visitors do not have English as their mother tongue.

Calling on a specialised translator for your museum or art gallery is essential

A thorough knowledge of the art jargon, high cultural awareness as well as strong (copy)writing skills are prerequisites to engage, inform and captivate your audience. A carefully curated translation will match the high standards of the culture sector.

Well-trusted translations

Artlife Translations is a London-based, one woman-owned language services business created in 2013.

The founder, Luna Jungblut, is a French native museum addict and a qualified translator for the art world. She believes in the power of effective communication to spark genuine curiosity in the eyes of gallery goers.

So far, she has collaborated with the likes of the British Museum, Google Arts & Culture, the London Transport Museum, Musealia, the Erna Hécey Gallery, the Luma Foundation…

One point of contact for all languages

Luna personally handles all French language needs, but you will also have access to her exclusive team of experienced translators for most other languages, so she takes the headache out of multilingual project management for you.

She will happily consult on anything related to the translation of exhibition titles, museum labels, leaflets, catalogues, press releases, audioguides, mobile applications, websites, video materials; or on facilitating the complex language requirements of global cultural events and meetings, museum visits, press events, masterclasses, Q&A sessions and conferences…
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“Luna enabled us to deliver a complex and large-scale performance. Her work allowed us to communicate complex artistic and physical information, I hope to work with her again”,
Libby Mcdonnell, Circa Contemporary Circus.

“Working with good people is vital. Luna provided excellent work, with high quality communication management with clients”, Luis Ferreiro, Musealia.

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