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Bringing culture and knowledge to life.

Axiell provides software and services which help organisations share culture and knowledge with the world. Our solutions empower our community of global customers to manage their collections, encourage reading, preserve cultural heritage, improve learning and increase engagement with the public.

We work in partnership with our customers in 55 countries from libraries, museums, archives, schools, publishers and retailers. Together we develop innovative digital tools to transform the way our customers work and connect with audiences.

Axiell Collections – leading collections management software for museums and archives

Manage your collections
Store high quality object, people, event and organization data to stay in complete control of your collections. Search and group objects quickly, build sophisticated groups of objects and build automated reports for monitoring collections activity.

Make your collections accessible online
Increase your reach by sharing your collections online. Avoid double entry by integrating your collection management system with your customer facing site, easily manage public vs private objects and make changes to web content quickly and easily.

Preserve & protect your collections
Manage conservation schedules and care requirements. Store transport and handling instructions and manage labelling and barcode creation to ensure the correct care of collections.

Digitize your collections
Assist your digitization projects using rapid data entry tools and workflows. Monitor your progress with easy-to-use reporting functions.

Research and analyse your collections
Search intuitively by date, category, thesaurus, multi-lingual terms etc. Access in depth bibliographical, scholarly and multimedia data. Create automated processes for managing research requests.

Coordinate exhibitions, events & loans
Build exhibition plans quickly and easily with powerful search and grouping tools. Monitor object availability, tracking location and status of objects; managing loans, acquisitions and transport.

We offer a suite of fully integrated products to build more functionality around the Axiell Collections, or to integrate with your current MuseTech stack:

  • Axiell DAMS: a digital asset management system to protect, preserve, and share digital media files in a more robust fashion
  • Axiell Internet Server: fully responsive web publishing software to share your collection with the world
  • CultureConnect: innovative design, publishing, and content management platform that drives digital engagement, learning, and revenue for organizations
  • Axiell Move: iOS app to scan barcodes and automatically update location information for your collection

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From simple and ready to use systems, to highly bespoke and tailored solutions, we will take the time to understand your requirements and provide a solution which best fits you. Get in touch with Axiell to discuss!

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