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Blue Tokay

Blue Tokay Ltd is a touring exhibitions company specialising in the display of natural history. With a portfolio of exhibitions, they bring their expertise to museums, galleries, cultural venues and science centres. Their educational, family and schools friendly displays inspire visitors to explore the natural world through objects, images and interactives.

Using real specimens as much as possible, Blue Tokay Ltd allow visitors to get up close to animals which are displayed in mini diorama using taxidermy, or as animal skeletons. The displays come with cases, interpretation and images. This interpretation can be multilingual if required. The interactives are mechanical and robust, and reflect the themes of the exhibition. Digital technology allows an additional layer of interactivity.

Exhibitions have been shown at National Museum Cardiff, World Museum Liverpool, Derby museums, Deep Sea World, East Riding Museums among others.

Blue Tokay Ltd work as natural history consultants undertaking all aspects of display and collections care, curation, storage, data management and conservation.

Clients have included Northumberland Estates, Chelmsford Museum and Durham University Museum.

Blue Tokay Ltd are Associate Suppliers of The Association of Independent Museums(AIM) Members of the Touring Exhibitions Group (TEG) and founding members of The Touring Exhibition Organisation (TEO).

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