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Imagine Loving Your CMS

CatalogIt empowers museums, organizations, and individuals with the tools necessary to document, manage, and tell the stories of their collections and communities. Your Collections Management System should work the way you need it to: mobile and desktop, intuitive and user-friendly, packed with power, and offering discoverability at your fingertips.

The most powerful way to manage your collections

CatalogIt is a powerful, full-featured, and accessible collections management system that provides secure access to your collections anywhere, anytime, across both mobile and desktop devices. CatalogIt enables you to tell your stories by capturing the intricate web of detail that surrounds and relates the objects in your collection. Document the full scope of data associated with your items, from their materials, dates, and provenance to their historic and ethnographic contexts. A user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage your collections and to discover, record, and present them in an accessible, flexible, and cost-effective way.

Collaborate with your team anywhere and anytime

With full remote access to your database via CatalogIt, museum staff and volunteers can easily work from home, keeping your team both safe and productive. Train your team using CatalogIt’s library of professional training resources to complete a smooth and easy transition. Users have full access to collections no matter where they are in the museum. Whether you are working in the gallery, taking down an exhibition or working on an inventory in storage, your collection and loans are always available via smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. You can edit data and add images easily from your mobile device and share your collections with anyone- anytime, from anywhere around the world.

Make your collections discoverable by publishing to the web

Each subscription includes the CatalogIt HUB, a simple web publishing platform for quickly and selectively publishing your collections online. Alternatively, take advantage of CatalogIt’s API, WordPress, and iframe options to integrate your collections content directly into your own website. Make your collections discoverable and searchable to students, researchers, scholars, and the general public while maintaining control of what entries are publicly accessible.

Intuitive, accessible, and in-control

CatalogIt provides museums with comprehensive ways to track accessions, loans, moves/location, exhibitions, deaccessions, and more. Users can upload high resolution images and files in most formats and attach live web links directly within CatalogIt records. Use a vast selection of profiles to connect objects to people, places, events, and other records to tell the full story. Distinct, authoritative classifications are available for all sorts of objects allowing for customized cataloging based on object type, and all fields are searchable so you can retrieve all of your information easily. CatalogIt integrates Nomenclature 4.0, the Library of Congress Thesaurus for Graphic Materials and includes support for fully capturing Getty resources.

Secure, private, and hassle-free

CatalogIt has helped hundreds of museums migrate their collections to its modern, secure, cloud-based platform. We are experts at migrating existing data from numerous systems and formats, including PastPerfect, EmbARK, Eloquent, Mimsy, AdLib, Filemaker Pro, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Koha, and many more. CatalogIt provides detailed reporting features, allowing you to easily share data with anyone. Built with robust and durable technology, CatalogIt keeps your data safe, private, and accessible to you 24/7 with no backups, security, or maintenance to worry about.

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