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C&G Partners

C&G Partners is a multi-specialty creative studio, dedicated to design for culture — from cultural organizations to organizational culture.

We believe in the untapped value of culture, the institutions that enrich it, and the smart companies that cultivate it. We build on that value to connect people, create community, and find meaning. To do this, we maintain deep expertise in multiple specialties, integrated under one roof: branding, digital installations, exhibits and environments, print, signage and wayfinding, and websites.

We start every project with deep immersion, listening carefully for the genuine, in complex territories like the arts, science, faith and finance. We coax knotty ideas into narratives, then communicate the story with originality and style. The result authentically transforms how others see and relate to our client. And it transforms our client’s culture, revealing unrecognized value.

Creating Value
We believe culture is our most valuable asset, from the culture of the workplace to the culture of the arts. But it is intangible, existing as a set of created stories that a group shares. Creation of these stories is the creation of real value. Designing for culture is designing culture itself.

C&G Partners is run as an open atelier by a group of partners. The studio comprises designers, writers, architects, programmers, producers, content developers, technologists and operations specialists. We aim to be genuine, approachable, thoughtful, and independent. Visitors will usually find bikes, dogs, coffee mugs … and snacks at 3:30.

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