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Cloud Mill, LLC

Cloud Mill, LLC, under the leadership of Amy Hollander, was created in 2017 to help museums navigate 21st century challenges by developing comprehensive strategies.

These strategies garner stakeholder engagement, promote social responsibility and encourage community forward programming.

Whether you are creating an exhibit, program, initiative, or reimagining your site mission and vision, Cloud Mill can help you facilitate a plan which sets priorities, establishes measurable goals, pinpoints challenges and facilitates successful solutions.

Hollander has 20 years’ experience in the roles of museum administrator, exhibit designer, and outreach coordinator. She has a successful record for developing and delivering powerful exhibits and engaging programs. Hollander’s strategies often involve facing challenges and controversies head on and building bridges of trust to make change.

She put her strategic planning skills to use in 2015 to build the National Museum of Industrial History. Sixteen months later she had successfully turned a project which had languished for 20 years and which had lost the public trust into a place of community pride.

What makes Hollander’s professional efforts unique is the importance she places on building long-term strategic alliances, not only with leaders, funders and social influencers, but within communities.  This is true whether she is working in tandem with school districts to design core curriculum supported museum programming like she did for the Readington Museums, coordinating with NJ mental health stakeholders to design an exhibit aimed at combating stigma for the Red Mill Museum Village, or founding a statewide coalition of business, advocacy and inter-ethnic organizations which resulted in the creation of the New Jersey Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards.

Cloud Mill’s clients include the National Scenic Visitors Center, The Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, The National Canal Museum and the Durham Township Historical Society.

If you want to know more about Cloud Mill’s work please visit our website at


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