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Collective Paper Aesthetics

Collective Paper Aesthetics designs and develops audience engagement materials and STEAM educational resources in a scale of pop-up architecture and furnishing for children and families in cultural settings. In that manner, the studio offering a unique experience merging mathematical expertise, hands-on engineering, and universal design in a scale of Placemaking.

The studio was founded in 2008 by the designer and architect Noa Haim, The Berlage Institute alumni (2004). Among the studio patrons are MUDAM Luxembourg, National Gallery Singapore, Tate Modern, ICA MIAMI, Louvre Abu Dhabi and more.

‘An intriguing approach: building gigantic sculptures by stacking small stools folded from cardboard. Here’s another project about the simplicity of production. All you need is a tool that cuts cardboard and the manpower needed to fold the material. The designers have made a simple and flexible product that can be used as an individual stool or as a component in the construction of a larger structure. These designers step back, give the project to their client and relinquish control of what happens next. The product itself has an impressive record in terms of sustainability. It is locally produced using an easily recyclable material; the technique of folding to construct the object avoids the need for machines or additional materials like glue; and the flexibility of the design allows for various applications, as the product is able to adopt to changing situations and contexts.’

Jana Scholze, Curator of Contemporary Furniture at Victoria and Albert Museum, About Spaceship HEART Madrid for FRAME Moooi Award 2013

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