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Greater Good Strategy

Who are we?

Greater Good Strategy is a digital marketing, social media, and online fundraising agency that helps organizations thrive online. We’re proudly women-led, we wear our politics on our sleeves, and we’re personally invested in the success of our clients — we don’t work with orgs we would never donate to ourselves. Our team of 50 expert consultants specialize in research, fundraising strategy, content creation, project management, graphic design, digital analysis and more. Oh, and we never shy away from a Prince dance party.

What do we do?

We help nonprofits and good-for-the-world companies go from good to greater. Whether you need help growing your organization, engaging with new audiences, creating a new look, managing your digital presence, or hitting those fundraising goals, we’ll create a customized strategy that gets results.

Why do we do it?

We love people who care about their work, effective engagement strategies, cupcakes, and positive social change. We believe most problems can be solved with good people, the right technology, and a creative strategy.  

How do we do it?  

  • People. Everything we do is about people — so we start every client project by building a personalized team of experts based on each organization’s specific needs. We believe that two (or sometimes three or four) minds are greater than one, so we use a collaborative consulting model that allows us to identify expertise, pull in the right people for the project, create process efficiencies, and most importantly, amplify client impact.
  • Strategy. We always say that you can’t build a good strategy on a faulty foundation — which is why we start almost every engagement with a look at what’s worked and what… hasn’t. There’s always something good to learn about what has been tried before! Then, we focus on ways to holistically solve individual challenges with actionable, well-tested, results-focused strategies that you can use long after our collaboration has ended. Nobody needs another Google Drive document gathering dust somewhere. 
  • Energy. GGS was founded on positive energy and a can-do attitude, and we think it comes across in everything we do. Every client is vital to us, and we show it with personal attention, emotional intelligence, and fun. We over communicate, come to every meeting with a plan, and see our clients as partners in work to repair the world. We’re digital consultants with a stellar bedside manner. 

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