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The art of listening: let your visitors hear the stories of your collection with the world’s easiest audio guide!

At Guide ID we believe in the power of your stories, giving art, nature and culture a voice. It is our mission to help you unlock those stories for your visitors. Let them listen and expand their knowledge about your collection without any distraction. That’s why we created the world’s easiest audio guide: the Podcatcher. This point & play device will make your visitors experience richer and do justice to your pieces. The easy-to-use content platform lets you create and customize the audio tours. You have complete control. Welcome to Guide ID, we’d love to help you unlock those stories. Just like we are already doing for the Museums of English Heritage in the UK, The Rembrandt House Museum in The Netherlands, USS Midway Museum in the US and more.

The power of sound

Your visitors will come to your museum for an experience. Some want to learn something, others are looking for inspiration or to dive deeper in the world of a certain artist. The one thing they have in common: they come to enjoy themselves, with a love for art and curiosity towards your collection. This is why our device is audio base, keeping your visitors focussed on exactly why they came to you in the first place. Without any visual distractions, it empowers them to really look at a piece, while listening to its story and discovering more and more details.

Taking full control over your audio tour

The Podcatcher, the audio guide your visitors will use, is a point and play device that they can take themselves from a self-service station in your museum. Easy to grab, use and hold. It’s not only convenient for them, the online content editor makes it really easy to create audio tours, so you’ll have complete control over all content. You now have the power to offer customized tours for all types of visitors in every language you would like. Use it wisely.

Get to know your visitors

How well do you know your visitors? The more you know what they like and don’t like, the better you’ll be able to optimize their visit. This will lead to better reviews and return visits. Luckily, the Podcatcher (anonymously) tracks which route your visitors take, which pieces they skip and how long they stay at certain audio tour stops. The analytics platform helps you to really get to know them and their preferences. Giving them a better experience has never been easier!

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