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Humap is a new platform for mapping multiple overlays, records and collections. Designed by Error Agency who created LayersofLondon.org, Humap visually presents interconnecting information in a way that is intuitive to use, easy to participate in and can tell multiple stories.

An overlay can be a map, a network or a plan. Users can switch them on and off, make them transparent or opaque, or change their order: Add boundaries, vectors and features. Comparing geographical and historical maps through time has never been easier.

A record might be an event, a building, person, object or feature in the landscape. Enrich them with drawings, photographs, or embedded audio and video. You get to tell the story of where the record came from, attribute and source it, and make it findable with tagging and searching.

Collections show visitors to Humap what records have in common, by time, place, type and action. They might be walking trails, museum artefacts, or pubs in a landscape. Collections and records can be owned by different communities who can upload and curate them in their own time: added as projects are conceived, funded and completed.

We don’t clutter your site with esoteric widgets that only experts know how to use. We build iteratively, adding collections and maps as your project grows so there is no need to wait years for launch. Tools can be created over time and the site remains live if further projects are conceived, funded or delayed. Our small team are with you every step of the way on a platform with a built-in legacy. Your site is hosted, maintained and upgraded over time.

Creators of www.layersoflondon.org and the www.movableproject.org

Contact Details:

• Miriam Silverman
• miriam@erroragency
• 020 3637 5060

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