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Livdeo is a MuseWeb GLAMi Award winning company that provides inclusive and hassle-free digital solutions for cultural institutions through a unique platform, GEED.

GEED includes easy-to-use cloud based scenarios creation tools for museum teams with instant visit WebApps on-site deployment .

Inclusion is the center part of GEED platform. It covers the creation and distribution of accessible visit scenarios for all audiences with different layers of digital information and engagement. All content on GEED apps can be made available in up to 24 different languages, and include sign language, cued speech, easy to understand, audio description and augmented reality options.

The technological inclusion is supported by GEED regardless of visitors digital literacy: no native apps to download from stores, no internet connection required for visitors, instant access and natural camera based exhibition engagement with artworks detection.

Beside the on-site visit sessions, Livdeo’s platform provides tools and methodologies to build successful communication before and after the visit and let visitors become cultural institutions ambassadors: every visitor gets its own personal visit session album based on its unique visit pace and engagement with the artworks and exhibitions.

You can learn more about LIVDEO’s commitment to universal accessibility and discover their constraint-free solutions on their website.

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