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Lucidea delivers unrivaled museum collections management software

Lucidea provides collections management applications to museums of all sizes and budgets, with innovative software purpose-built based on best practices working with clients for over 25 years. We deliver comprehensive collections management tools that solve today’s museum challenges, and are ready for tomorrow.

The Argus difference

With web-based Argus, offer public access to objects and exhibits and provide in-depth documentation about each artifact. Leverage efficient workflows with minimal training required, and know that Argus is built on sustainable, cutting edge technology to rely on as your collection and requirements grow.

Accessible, visible, relevant

With Argus, open your doors to the world with a public portal and powerful search, and even make collections discoverable via Google. Offer beautiful image galleries, link to related objects, highlight special exhibits, and share curated collections. Your web presence will show, tell, engage, and inspire.

High efficiency

With dynamic updating, information you enter is automatically refreshed in the public portal. Intuitive, easy to use navigation minimizes training time for staff, interns, and volunteers, meaning more time with collections.


Argus supports and empowers museums, galleries and historical societies, large, small, or middling, now and into the future. Together, let’s discover how Argus can help you reach your goals.

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