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MuseumMate is based in Madrid, Spain and has a representative office in UK, Portugal and Italy.

MuseumMate has been promoting the use of technology and digital solutions in museums and cultural institutions around the world for over 23 years (from 1996); Today, the market is ready for the use of new intelligent devices that respond to the habits of every type of visitors and that certainly can enrich and enhance their experience of visiting Museums.

MuseumMate design, produces and supply the new latest-generation audio guide devices (SmartGuide) and its own management software that allows museum management to control large amounts of data in real time. SMARTGUIDE is based on touchscreen devices and with Android operating system.

Furthermore, MuseumMate also deal with the elaboration of storytelling projects adopting unique narrative techniques and ensuring the correct distribution of all the multilingual contents.

At present, Visitors not only go to the Museum or Monument to learn more about an artwork or historical building, they come to feel the emotion of being in front of one of the unique work of art on the planet or stopping in places which played an essential role in History.

The technology SmartGuide allows us to offer an innovative formula of storytelling with which demonstrate the core message of the Museum through the emotion of the visitor.





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