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Perception Codes LTD

Perception Codes LTD is a deep tech company specializing in Desktop Augmented Reality (Desktop AR). Desktop AR is a technology, which enables your everyday 2D computers to display 3D contents with more realistic and immersive effects for users. We are part of many organisations related to immersive technology organizations around the world and are working in partnership with museums and schools.

We make holographic exhibition (Holo-EXHIBITION) software that enables everyone to access historical artefacts, arts and other 3D models holographically at home. Please contact us, if you are interested in hosting a holographic exhibition.

Apart from the holographic exhibition, we also provide a Software Development Kit (SDK) for VR/AR developers to make Desktop AR applications. If you are a VR/AR studio or developer, please contact us. I am sure that we can work on many cool Desktop AR projects together!

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