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Perception Codes LTD

Perception Codes LTD is a deep tech company specializing in Desktop Augmented Reality (Desktop AR). Desktop AR is a highly accessible mixed-reality technology which enables your everyday 2D computers to display 3D contents with more realistic and immersive effects for users. We form part of multiple immersive technology organisations around the world and are working in partnership with museums, NGOs and schools globally.

The Morpheus Project Metaverse
Our patent pending Desktop-AR technology is being used in multiple projects including Holo-Exhibition, Holo-SDK, Holo-MUSEUM and Holo-NFT. These culminate into The Morpheus Project Metaverse: An open-world that incorporates #NFT arts & cultural artifacts with #education, #gaming, and #socializing. Users can learn-to-earn through engaging with artworks and artifacts by answering questions, leaving remarks, or wagering with other players. Learn more at

Perception has created a holographic exhibition (Holo-EXHIBITION) software that enables everyone to access historical artefacts, arts and other 3D models holographically from the comfort of their homes and schools. All that’s needed is the user-friendly Desktop-AR software and paper 3D glasses (those blue-red ones).

Apart from the holographic exhibition, we also provide a Software Development Kit (SDK) for VR/AR developers to make Desktop-AR applications. If you are a VR/AR studio or developer, reach out to us via the details above.

Perception supports museums by connecting them to students and audiences worldwide, through an Augmented Reality exhibition, known as Holo-MUSEUM. We are open to new partnerships and collaborations with museums across the globe. If your museum, gallery or educational institution is interested in partnering with Perception, hosting a Holo-EXHIBITION, or joining the Holo-MUSEUM, reach out to us via

We know that financing the research and development of digitization is costly for museums and galleries. And more often than not, artists struggle to gain exposure for their artworks. In that regard, Perception has created The Morpheus Marketplace. Here, museums and artists can explore an additional source of income. By digitizing arts, artefacts and stories, and securing these digitized works on NFT files, owners have access to a marketplace where these digital assets can be sold while retaining their property rights.

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