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Riggs Ward Design

Riggs Ward is a multi-disciplinary firm located in the capital city of Richmond, Virginia.

We inspire visitor engagement in museums and cultural centers through experiential exhibit design, interactive media, innovative graphic design, and strategic master plans.

We’re an interdisciplinary studio. We’ve studied art and technology, science and architecture, museology and urban planning. We’ve explored history. Local history. American history. World history. History through art and artifacts. History through design and landscape and language. History through the stories of the people that have passed through the places and spaces we build and inhabit.

Our unique range of services combined with our staff of established and well-respected professionals provides each client with a single source for all of its design needs. RWD sees the value in every project, no matter its size, time frame, or budget.

We are committed to giving our clients the highest quality creative product and service available, while honoring a commitment to the art of design.

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