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Sign Supplier

Sign Supplier specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of interior and exterior signage across a wide range of verticals, including the museum sector. Some of our signage services and products are outlined below.

Graphics for Walls, Windows and Floors

We supply custom printed graphics for windows, walls and floors. Graphics are printed in high resolution using premium inks on high quality scratch and scuff resistant vinyl.

Sign Lettering

Sign lettering for indoor and outdoor use including 3D lettering, face and halo illuminated 3D lettering and flat cut lettering. Lettering can be customised in terms of material, typeface and depth.

Neon & LED Neon Effect Signs

We manufacture traditional neon signs as well as LED neon effect signs. Or neon signs use custom made neon housed within an acrylic case, are low on energy consumption and can last for years.

We use low voltage LEDs in our LED neon effect signs. They are cool to touch, making them perfect for areas where they may be touched by the public.

Sign Posts

We design and manufacture a range of navigational signs that can be located across museum premises & estates. These include traffic post and panel signs, modular post and panel signs, finger posts and monolith signs

Signage Boards

We provide a variety of printed signage board options suitable for permanent or non-permanent use which can be used indoor or outdoors. These include Foamex signs ( compressed foam board), Correx (corrugated PVC), aluminium signs as well as acrylic plaque signs.

Tray Signs, Illuminated & Projecting Signs

We also design a wide range of other signs including tray signs, illuminated and projecting signs in a wide range of styles and finish suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

If you’d like to discuss your requirements, find out more about the wide range of signs we can provide or are looking for consultation and advice on planning signage across your premises, please visit our website at, call us on 0800 133 7555 or drop us an email at


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