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Connecting people, places & stories

We provide world class digital solutions for destinations with stories to share. Harness the power of technology to allow your visitors to engage deeper, explore further, and discover more.


Our suite of platforms address all different needs, meaning we have the best solution for you. From iOS, Android & web apps to digital collections management, STQRY has all the tools you need to create immersive and educational experiences for your audiences.

Our products


The simple to use app builder for sharing your stories.

Visitors love engaging and interactive experiences — especially when they can easily use their own device to dig deeper. We make creating those experiences easier. Turn your tours, walks and audio guides into feature-rich, custom branded mobile and web app stories with STQRY Apps.


Discover and experience stories from organizations around the world.

STQRY Guide is the leading portal app, allowing visitors to discover engaging experiences in your area. Get up and running in minutes, not months, with our easy to use STQRY Builder.


Enhance your visitor experience with content delivered to your on-site devices.

Provide your visitors with a quick and easy way to access your tours using STQRY Fleet. It’s the ideal way for you to control and manage your on-site tour devices, providing everything your visitors need to enjoy your STQRY mobile tour.

STQRY Collect

Everything you need to publish and manage your collections online.

A beautiful collections website that is built from the ground up to be simple yet powerful. From single images to books and oral histories, STQRY Collect gives you the power to create a beautiful home for your collections.

What makes us experts?

The STQRY team has worked on thousands of projects worldwide since our inception in 2006 with clients ranging from museums, parks, attractions, cities, and historic sites of all sizes. Our team members come to us directly from industries we serve and specialize in content creation, storytelling and marketing.

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