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The Schiele Group

COVID Compliance Graphics to Support Museums Staying Open

Social distancing and new mandatory compliances are happening all across the world, but that doesn’t mean you have to be or stay closed. The Schiele Group is an all-in-one print company with nationwide reach across the U.S. that has been creating thousands of floor graphics (inside and outdoor), signage, tape and partitions used by public and private organizations to help keep patrons and staff safe. In addition to our normal offerings of vinyl banners, large format posters, brochures and any other print materials used for museum’s and their audiences, we also offer many ways to invite your guests in and let them know new hours or changes with variable data or personalized mailings.

The best part? We can design, produce and ship top quality items anywhere in the country in a matter of days! Please contact Andy Olcott (, +1 224-366-8838) for more information.

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